Just like FM/AM radio and even T.V. everything is subject to change.

there have been many Radio stations T.V. Channels that were removed or changed; It happens. you should not subscribe if you listen to one channel. then complain cause it gets removed.

be an adult and get over it. If a channel does not have the listeners to keep it going, guess what it's gonna get removed. My only real gripe is the overseas sites and how horrible the agents there are. bring those jobs to the u.s.

they lose customers because no one can understand them. and on top of that when I finally got a U.S. agent I was informed about the terms and conditions which anyone can access.

I advise everyone to read over them so there are no surprises. Oh, and everyone has access to their account if they registrar at the website.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sirius Xm Radio Account.

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