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got a new car in 2013 and paid for one year service .told them after 1st year did not want to renew .a few months later they hit my card for 218 dollars.I called my credit card co and they disputed the charge ,took going back and forth for a month to get my credit ,I never used the channels so didn't know it was on .so I told them not interested in you service ever again ! guess what, just saw the same 218 dollar charge again !!!!!

called my credit card card co and they saw the last time this happened ,and had them cancel my card and send me a new acc number .now i called xm radio and told them what crooks they were .The person on the phone said there was no record of the last time it happened !

so now I told them do not ever bill me again ,take my card number ,name and all info out of your system . God only knows how many people are being charged and not paying attention to their charge statements pandora for free !

Review about: Sirius Xm Radio Subscription.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Kept charging my card for over a year after i ended service.

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Dacula, Georgia, United States #1341709

I've been a SiriusXM customer since 2011 and always renew online, but I never have check the box that says they will keep your credit card on file. But I found today that they do keep your credit card on file.

My sirius subscription expired June 1, 2017 and I decided not to renew so I did not. Old School days when your subscription expires your account is closed. But not with sirius they tried to renew my subscription with my credit card without notifying me and found out that the credit card had expired. Sirius called me and asked for another credit card, I told them I was not renewing the service, they said I will need to pay for one month of service plus fees to cancel the service and if I did not want the service I should have contacted them a month before the service expired.

I never heard of anything like this before. I did give them my credit card to pay all the cancellation fees and they connected me to another department to complete the cancellation. This department tried to get me to purchase a cheaper subscription for a year I told them NO and then he tried to get me to purchase a six month subscription for half the price of the other one.

I told them I will never purchase another subscription from siriumxm and the service is a scam. Thank for letting me know about the credit card scam.

Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey, United States #1340537

H. Kitchener is right. I'm just adding that I pay with Sirius XM gift card that you can buy at Best Buy

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1340417

They automatically sign you up for continuous service and billing when you subscribe to SiriusXM. This is the scam and you fell for it.

This unscrupulous behavior is common among many services sold to the public, including magazine subscriptions, etc. In the Sirius case, you must call them and cancel the subscription before the year is up or it continues, with them billing you, etc.

The bottom line is to NEVER give a company like Sirius your credit---or worse, your debit---card info. Always request a paper invoice which you pay via check.

to h.kitchener #1352490

good advice exc for they usually give reduced rate for auto/paperless/online billing

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