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I want to listen to music. Not off-color and rude jokes or sports commentary or weather in far away places.

..... all from idiots on music channels. You are not witty, you are not funny, you are not entertaining. I select a music channel for music.

I really don't care about your commentary or your sad attempts to regain your lost childhood. PLAY MUSIC!!!!! The music alone is worth my time and my PAID subscription. I can find *** announcers by the dozen locally.

(And most are more entertaining than those on the XM channels.) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ...

I paid to listen to MUSIC, not your *** (and endless) comments. SHUT UP AND PLAY MUSIC!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sirius Xm Radio Subscription.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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The DJ babble has gotten out of control. I wish Kristine would just go away.

Sorry. I pay for the music


Here, here. My complaints to Sirius have been ignored.

Kristine Stone can't seem to remember that Classic Rewind (25) is not an XL rated station.

Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter can't figure out that we want to hear music, not them talking over the first 30 seconds of every 3rd song.

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