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I inquired of customer service the basis for its programming decision to drop its Escape channel. I was initially advised that the channel was dropped to make way for new channels, as if there was some relevant limitation on bandwidth.

When I challenged this explanation, the customer service rep acknowledged that he did not know the answer to my question and that, further, he was unaware of anyone in the company whom he could contact to find out the answer to my question.

Imagine that: an organization that thinks so little of its customers that it fails to provide its customer service reps with access to answers to listener questions. I suspect the real answer has something to do with royalties and profits but I'm only speculating as no one in the company appears willing and able to discuss the matter candidly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sirius Xm Radio Subscription.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Customer service rep and lack of integrity by company.

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This is why their sound quality on car radios is so poor. It sounds like some AM radio that sounds tinny and cheap.

It isn't even close to CD quality or mp3 quality. They never upgrade the sound quality either.

It is so over-compressed and it makes it sound like *** It doesn't matter what kind of car or car radio you have either. It's junk.


I have not spoken with a service rep; however, I am very disappointed with the decision to stop viewing the shows on the escape tv channel. When Cozi chanced bands, they stated that on the original channel.

Escape could have given some explanation or information. I wish another channel would pick them up.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #1068334



I'm ready to cancel our XM. I can't find any station that has music I like.


Oct 8th


I hear Escape is to come back in October. This is Oct 1 but no Escape yet, at least not on 69. Does anyone know WHEN in October it is supposed to come back?

to Anonymous #1041907
I got a letter from XM today. It said tune in to channel 69 "today" on XM radios (the letter was printed September 28) and today is October 1st.

I haven't tried my radio yet. The letter says Escape returns to Sirius radios October 8th.

This is great news! I missed Escape!

Escape is back! Thanks to everyone's feedback, Sirius actually listened! Check Sirius' web site here: http://www.siriusxm.com/escapeisback?utm_campaign=ESC_EM2&utm_medium=EMAIL&utm_source=CRM_ESC_EM2_0918


We really miss Escape channel, we called up but they just blew us off. I would really like them to honor the claims that they do not advertise and do not chatter or ever which they do on many channels.

Maybe we can get direct TV to put their radio stations on satellite. They are just plain play one cd after another.

Things kind of went to pot when xm no longer had competition, i.e. sirus.


I agree with most of the comments Escape offered a relaxing instrumental easy listening channel that was ideal for long drives. The lack of a real alternative is ridiculous given the redundancy they have with rock and country music. I am also canceling my subscription.

Rochester, New York, United States #1036265

I told the morons I was cancelling.

These corporations always go out of business because of their own stupidity/arrogance. I bought ten new cds for easy listening.


What idiots are these people in managment - they think the only music people want is what THEY prefer. As another poster pointed out, they forget where much of the money lies and who has the disposible income to spend.

Hint: it is not necessarily the folks living in their parent's basement. Just because the Escape crowd did not rush out to check "like" on Facebook does not mean this channel did not have a large installed user base. The problem with many of the younger crowd is that they have failed to grasp the notion that they are not the center of the universe nor is their ideology universal.

Had this channel not been restored, I, also. would have dropped my subscription.


I'm really pissed off that they took Escape off. Sirius starting to play the same music as am and fm radio.

Why then would I pay $175 for Sirius when I can get it free on the radio. Man...are those people out there smart.

It must be these young executive who forgot the older generation. They do have a lot of money yet.

Lafayette, Louisiana, United States #1034447

Velvet was certainly no substitute for Escape. To think that it could be was certainly an insult to the listener! And you are correct the customer service representative had no idea how the music on the two stations varied.


I will not renew at any price without Escape. Customer friendly.... Not so much.


I canceled service.


They pulled the plug on instrumental easy listening music from the AM & FM radio channels decades ago. History repeats itself with the same travesty.


If I have to go to the Internet to get Escape, why in Heavens name am I paying for stations I don't want. Will be terminating all radios from XM and using money saved to beef up my internet-RB IN BALTIMORE

to Anonymous Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1031421

There is some consensus to cancel when "our" subscriptions conclude. Why wait?

We can also request a refund of unused service & help the Sirius folks to know our feelings. Would they miss us? Who knows.

Maybe we can disseminate what we have found as alternatives & like for less $ to boot. What an opportunity for all of us which has landed in our laps.

Please send your thoughts to this group asap & good fortune for all concerned.


Don't they understand why many of us love contemporary music without the 'whine'

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