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In their latest shuffling of channel content, Sirius removed Classic Pops from its radio lineup and made it online only. This means that I can't hear the music while driving, which is where I want it.

Pops was my favorite channel and the main reason why I subscribed in the first place. Its program was filled with short pieces of some of the most popular classical music and was a delight. It was an excellent introduction to listeners not familiar with this type of music.

With so little listening space dedicated to classical music, removing Pops is a crime. Sirius should relent and bring Pops back so everyone can hear it.

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Why should we have to give up what we are used to because we're seniors, you know seniors can be young too and not stupid.. Ours will be cancelled also, so that's about 8 of us that sounds like a lot of money....no Pops no money. by,by.


I agree Pops was great and I enjoyed in my car. What about getting rid of some of all the crazy stuff? but I guess seniors don't count.........


Why pay for Sirius at all? Get the app and get a free 30 day trial.


I will not renew my subscription to Sirius XM. Removing channel 75 was terrible, but then Sirius employed the shady explanation that they were combining Pops with Symphony Hall. I, for one, found that explanation insulting.

Chicopee, Massachusetts, United States #1255152

I cancelled my subscription as this was the only station (Light Classical) I listened to. Waiting for them to bring it back, will renew only then

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1252456

I looked do ward to the return of Holiday Pops through the year. I don't care if it's online I want it in my car for the price I pay for satellite radio.

Will not be renewing my subscription if Classic Pops is not returned. To add insult to injury channel 75 is blank!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1245308

You can always get Sirius online app and listen through Bluetooth in your car. I listen to cinemagic that way

Merced, California, United States #1023687

Can't remember pass word. Phone is 2093836315, email disso2@aol.com

Please return Escape and Classical Pops to XM. There really is a dearth of decent music and we really don't need 4 kinds of jokes or 4 kinds of Canadian or 4 kinds of Latin.

Houston, Texas, United States #936318

Bring back Classic Pops!

Rogers, Arkansas, United States #914153

And now Sirius XM have cut the traditional/classical Christmas music they used to broadcast on channel 76 from early December to early January. When I contacted SiriusXM about this, they told me they'd be broadcasting this music from December 24th to the 26th.

Three days???!!!

That's just unacceptable!!! Anybody else ticked off at this?

Pinson, Alabama, United States #912598

Only in the little minds at SiriusXM is Symphony Hall merged with Pops. We know it's a lie; they are two different channels.

I love both of them.

Most of my drives are shorter than the selections played on Symphony Hall, so I used to listen to Pops during those drives. On longer trips I usually listen to Symphony Hall.

Bring it back, even if you have to drop one of the many rock, pop, and dance music channels.

Houston, Texas, United States #911964

Really, no holiday pops? Have the idiots in charge lost their cumulative mind?

Programming should give more attention to the listening public.

Not everyone wants to listen to Taylor Swift sing "Baby It's Cold Outside", or Leona Lewis butcher "White Christmas"! SIRIUS(LY) BAD MOVE!


My 88 year old mother is UNHAPPY that Sirius Classical Pops was abruptly removed for her line up. Shame on you, Sirius!


Sirius cancelled the Classical Pops Channel? Absolutely idiotic and senseless!

Light Pops stations are ideal for car listening but now, in yet another stroke of genius, the shining lights who run Sirius have decided that subscribers who actually like great music and not eardrum breaking, heavy beat noise or tons of country music, no longer count.

It reminds of when the late, great FM station KKSF, discontinued its Smooth Jazz format, leaving the San Francisco area without an outlet for that great music.

Ashland, Ohio, United States #888445

Ditto for me. Once I discovered it was gone I called them.

They wanted me to use my phone to bluetooth it to the radio!! How insane is that!!?? I dropped the subscription on both of our vehicles. I know listen to broadcast classical stations and save money.

I would go back to Sirius if they relented, but I'm not holding my breath. tom

Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States #887232

There seems to be little or NO regard for the listeners of these "niche" genres. With literally hundreds of stations dedicated to pop, country and R & B, was allowing two or three options for classical music excessive?

One hundred years from now, people will still be listening to the classics with the fluff and nonsense of the hundred other channels long forgotten. Where are the Sirius XM executives that apparently do not see the "big picture?" Time to cancel my 15 year old subscription methinks.


One of my most favorite channels. BRING IT BACK!!


I so miss the Pops channel. I, like all these other comments, listened in my car.

Yes, Classical Music is not as popular as rock or country, but why limit your audience.

Please bring back our favorite station. PS don't you dare touch Siriusly Sinatra.


First they eliminated vox and now classical pops... Really miss two of my favorite stations

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #866755

They removed this station to add more country and pop and r&b stations. So now we are down to two and Symphony Hall and Met Opera are NOT my choice for driving.

We listened almost exclusively to Pops in our cars and my mother considered getting a sattelite radio receiver for the house so my father could enjoy the music as he was bedridden and unable to go for drives. They don't have the internet in their bedroom and don't have a laptop, so online is not an option for them. So instead, our entire family cancelled their subscriptions to Sirius XM. that's at least 6 cars.

I know of others who feel the same way. And this is not an age/generational thing either. I am 26 and love classical music.

We were brought up on it, so if they think they have only lost older listeners, think on. 5 of those subscriptions belonged to people between 24 and 38 and our children will not be brought up with satellite radio either - so it has a longer reaching impact than the company may think.

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