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What happened to the music offerings of Channel 69. Of late the channel is playing Barbara Streisand "aud nauseum".

I see on the SiriusXM website this channel has been converted to a "Barbara Streisand channel". Can't imagine whatever prompted Sirius to make this decision. I doubt it reflects the music preferences of the majority of listeners who enjoy hearing a VARIETY of musical artists. Since this is our primary channel of use, I am giving serious though to canceling my Sirius subscription.

I have nothing against Barbara Streisand as an artist but who wants to listen to a single artist for hours on end? If there was an alternate channel that SiriusXM Satellite Radio offered for easy listening I could excuse Sirius for making this lousy programming decision, but there is no alternative to the "old" Escape. Bad mistake.

Bring back the old Channel 69.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sirius Xm Radio Subscription.

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Bring back 69!


Do you play Christmas music during the holidays? Starting when for how long

and how often?


Am I glad it's back. Only reason I subscribed MANY years ago. I was not going to renew.


I totally agree! I cannot find anything I want to listen to on Sirius anymore!

Cedar Grove, New Jersey, United States #1052951

the escape channel is THE reason I subscribe to Siriusxm radio. Yes I listen to many of the other channels...but if Escape was removed ..I would discontinue my subscription immediately...I also have iTunes radio and Pandora...so you can imagine that my love for the Escape channel is very serious. Please continue to make escape better and better...thank you....I have been a subscriber for over 10 years......


Escape has returned to Channel 69 on the XM radios. as of 9/15/2015.

I reinstated my subscription today(9/15).

Sirius radios will have to wait until Oct. Thank you soooo much for returning the easy listening music to our radios....


I very much support these comments and hope that channel 69 executives will take these recommendations to heart make changes back to the type of programming escape used to have.


I agree. That was the primary channel that I listened to on Sirusxm. Now just considering using cable.


Having cancelled my subscription within a couple of days of Escape’s removal, I was contacted last night by Sirius with an special offer to return. I said without Escape, I wouldn’t do it.

When the caller said that there were alternative stations, I said I tried them and they didn’t come close to matching what they took away. I added that the only way to get me back in the fold would be to restore that one channel. They could shut down all the rest as far as I was concerned. As in the Ronco commercials, I would just “Set it (on Escape) and forget it.”

I learned about Escape when I was given the free six month subscription when I purchased a new car.

Had I not been made aware of this channel, I would not have bought a subsequent subscription. I wonder if the “bean counters” at Sirius have factored in how many potential subscriptions they will never get because there has been no exposure to Escape for new car buyers like me.

Demographically, I’m retired, do not drive every day and can manage using CDs for the three or four times a week that I use my vehicle. As for Sirius, it’s Escape or nothing.

to Anonymous Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, United States #1026388


Ok, so I cancelled my Sirius radio account but did sign up for the Online version of Sirius where Excape is located at channel 751. Well, Sirius has also changed the music content of Escape.

Only instrumentals, NO vocals! I think some of the young "ME FIRST" generation (the ones without brains) have sold a bill of *** to a clueless management. I will be cancelling my online subscription as well now. That lasted a week.

By the way, for those of you with DirecTV, the Escape channel is one of the music channels. You don't have to pay Sirius directly.

But as as I say, it's instrumentals only. Time to begin looking at some of the other Internet music stations.


This is the only channel my husband and I listened to. It was worth the cost.

Barbara Streisand, even though we like her okay, is not worth the cost. Please bring back our music!!


I agree. They can offer x-rated music and comedy...but not easy listening??


Terrible idea to cancel 69 escape the only offered channel that has my kind of relaxing music.... Ifeel like cancelling my subscription that I paid for what I wanted!!!!!!!


Dropping my favorite channel is a really poor way to treat long time customer. I'll not be renewing my subscription. Three are other alternatives to Siriusly sucks.


There was no substitute on Sirius for the great music that was played on Escape. Please bring back Escape to channel 69.


Taking Escape from us was a serious mistake. Probably will drop our subscription because of no longer having Escape. Please bring it back!!

Middletown, Rhode Island, United States #1022487

Escape...the only program I listen too...why is it cancelled...


I am so unhappy about losing Escape 69. It was the only classical station I found on Sirius. I don't think I will renew my subscription in the future if another classical station doesn't start broadcasting this music.

to Anonymous #1025913

I can not what dummy thinks cancelling Sirius xm is in the best interest of customers.


I was happily PAYING a monthly subscription for Sirius XM for only one station: Escape. My subscription is paid through Sep.

30 of this year. In my estimation, someone who is PAYING for something they cannot have is a fool, hence my subscription will be cancelled by me before Oct.

1st. Terrible customer service and sensitivity!!

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