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Last year around this time Sirius auto debited my cc for a ears subscription at this time I contacted them and told them to remove us from the list and that we don't want auto renewal .They assured us they wouldn't auto renew.

Come to find out this year they did the same thing. We changed out cc and got new expiration date and yet the kept running the different expirations until one hit for the money .. Your customer service is terrible and filled with empathetic gestures that are empty.

They attempted to make excuses for their actions.Whatever you do don't use this company it's better just to get the free radio then deal with this *** company and their illegal business practices

Review about: Sirius Xm Radio Subscription.

Monetary Loss: $167.

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Victoria, Texas, United States #694027

I singed up on a promo and was sent a raido i was told at the time that my bill will be $9.99 a mouth.

then at the end of july i recived a bill for 17.98 so i called on aug the 2 and i was told that i was misinformed that there was no such promo and that my bill was $14.99 a mouth not $9.99 and that was why it was $17.98 so i told them that i was not paying for something that i did not agree to and i want my service canceled.

so i was transferred to cancellations i was asked why i was canceling my services that when i told hem what happen.

Then he told me that xm would like to keep me as a comster and that he could offer me a promo for a year for $104.00 and told me i have intell aug 27 to pay it.

Well i sead that's better then what i was told originally so i agreed to it.

Then on aug 4 i had a missed call from xm so on aug 5 i call back

and the comster rep i spoke to told me that i was past due on my bill and i told her that cant be i just set this up on the 2ed thats when she told me i was Misinformed that mabey he ment the 27 of july not Aug 27 and i told her agan i spoke with him on the 2ed of aug if

that's so i asked to speek with a supervisor so she put me on hold for 5 minutes than she came back to the phone and tryed saleing me on another promo and i told her no i do not want to talk to you no more i want a supervisor now.

So the sup gets on the phone and once agean i explain to her whats going on...

That my bill is now on the past dew list and i have to have the bill paid by the ninteenth of aug and no latter so that's when i told her that this is crazy why is everyone miss informing me and change dates around and amounts. so that's when i told her that i would like to speek to her manager then she perceided to tell me that she had no manager and sup and that there was no one higher than her. so that's when i told her I want my service canceled as of today becouse I'm not going to deal with a company that lies to me. so then she transfers me to cancelations where they ask me why I was canceling my services again and that's when I repeated the whole thing over again to cancelation dept and then they automaticlly tried to sale me on another promo that's when I began to tell her I want the original promo I was offered on the 2nd of Aug. and that's when she told me that promo would have to be paid on 19th and that her promo was much better and would I like to try her promo so that's when I told her that I don't want her promo and to send me a box to send the equipment back and that I was done with xm and thier poor customer service that lies and takes advantage of people and she still tried to sale me another promo and I told her no I'm dune with you that's when she informed me that I had the radio for 30 day and that I would have to pay for it and that she was not going to be sending me a box. if this is the way xm radio conducts business I don't see how keep customers I for one is very disappointed in how I was treated and in the service

if this issue is not resolved in a timly manner I will seek legal cancel.

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Exact same thing happened to me except it was on a 2 year renewal - over $300.They did it even though I had place a block on the company with my credit card co.

Apparently they changed their billing info with the credit card company and bypassed the block!

Free radio is much better than having to deal with the unscrupulous business practices of this company!!!!:(

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