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Sirius Xm Radio Subscription Review

Horrible customer service, and if you buy a lifetime subscription be prepared to to keep that vehicle for life because you cannot transfer it nor can you get your money back for the remaining pirtion that you did not use. It is a rip off and would not recommend it to anyone.
Advertised vs Delivered
Billing Practices
Coverage Area
Customer service
Discounts and Special Offers
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Price Affordability
Product or Service Quality
Value for money
I liked
  • Being able to travel and listen ro the same station
I didn't like
  • Not able to transfer the lifetime subscription to a new vehicle
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Sirius Xm Radio in Chicago, Illinois - XM Sirius Radio took my money & they don't care

About a month ago I noticed a charge for $61.11 on my checking account, paid to Sirius XM Radio, which I am not, or have ever been, a customer. I have placed numerous phone calls to them to rectify the problem, and, after almost a month, they have finally called me back to tell me there is nothing that they can do about since I do not have an account with them. The bottom line is that they have $61.11 that did are not entitled to. They could go into their data base and track down this payment, but they do not want to bother to do so, they would rather call me, after a month of my calling about this, only to tell me how they can't do anything about this. In my opinion, they are crooks.
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I called to check the renewal price for my Sirius and was told it would be the same price as last year (84.66) but I had to renew by Nov when I called to renew I was told I had till the end of Nov and it would then automatically renew at again the same price of 84.66...
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Hi there - We apologize for your experience and would like the opportunity to change it around. Send us an email with your contact info to and we\'ll...

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I purchased a new car in July of 2011. My old car had a xm radio subscription. I called to cancel the old subscription and activate the new car. I gave them a Discover card not remembering or them telling me that I had given them a Visa before. My charges continued...
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SiriusXM Corporate Customer Re

Hi - Sorry to hear about your billing situation. We would like the opportunity to change it around. Send us an email with your contact info to and we\'ll...

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Sirius Xm Radio in Chicago, Illinois - XM Satellite: Worst Customer Service

XM Satellite may have taken over first place in the ongoing battle for the worst customer service, and the thing is, I love their product. It's no mystery as to why XM's stock hovers at $2 a share, it's because they won't even let you buy what you want and try and sell you stuff you won't buy because you don't need it. I had AM/Siurius at home as well as in the car but I recently replaced my home version with an XMp3i portable device. SO After using it once I find out the battery life is about an hour so I fiugre I wll suck it up and buy 3 or four extra batteries. I call their custmer service and get transferred around the world and 45 minutes later, I get hung up on by Alan in their replacement division because I asked to speak to a supervisor (but honestly anyone tat spoke a language I could understand would have been helpful at that point. I have called back 3 times and still have never found out how or where to get batteries. I wasn't asking for them for free, I was trying to buy something. Why each of the eight people I spoke to needed my account number to tell me what kind of battery my radio even takes (an answer which must be a closely guarded secret because I never got the answer), I still can't figure out. I do not want their app service, I do not want to hear about te deals theyare running, I just want the thing I already have of theirs to work in a manner that is useful to me and was the reason I purchased it in the first place. It's crystal clear we have a company that is headed nowhere because not only do they not get it, they don't care. It's shocking that a company would treat anyone ion this manner let alone a subscriber and a person who called them to spend money. These people are clueless. I like Howard Stern but i buy it for the sports. SOmeday soon Direct TV will come out with something comparable to watchand listen to sports and XM/Sirius will be in more serious Doo Doo.
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What kin What kind of scam is XM Radio running here? I've tried to cancel my promo subscription via internet and phone, and it can't be done! I called three times and was on hold for about one hour in total. Each time a customer service rep answered and I...
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I too, was given the 5 month promo, cancelled the promo at the end of the 5 months, they tried to charge a credit card I had cancelled. The customer service rep told me today...

just got it resolved

we sent notice that we would not be renewing by mail and they told us we had to do it by phone. After about 3 months of arguing with someone in Egypt they sent it to a collec...

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Sirius sends to collection a radio that was canceled, and even though they have proof that the unit was canceled 6 months prior to the renewal because it already went to collections I'm on the hook. Why am I on the hook you may ask? get this, I was told that it...
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Charles Bourg

To all the people in the us that have had problems with sirius radio and there billing practices. Please contact the attorney generals office in you state. These offices were ...


Just ran into same problem. Sirius radio is running a scan where they sell these accounts to collection agencies for pennies on the dollar and they then tell you that they ca...

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Hello everyone , I'm back again to tell you about XM RADIO . I finaly recieved a call from XM RADIO'S employee named ellen, after nearly 1year of trying to get them to honor their word and restore my service that their EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT said I would...
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SRT Viper

I am finally finished with XM Radio Canada, I guess that some things never change..They have horrible business practices and I will never deal with them again...I am so pissed...

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Sirius Xm Radio in Chicago, Illinois - XM Radio

shortley after buying a new GM product I recieved a letter from XM Radio's executive vice president STEPHEN R. COOK that I would be recieving 1 year of service ( satalite radio ). a few weeks later XM Radio turned off my service. when I called the company to find out what was wrong ,I was told the service would be restarted no later than the next day.that was 9 months ago and I still can not get them to restore my service. after 4 letters from the B.B.B. they wrote the B.B.B back stating the service was restored and that they had talked to me about restoring my service. this was a callous lie on the part of XM Radios employee Joan Hummons ( Executive Consumer Affairs )to tell the B.B.B. that the company had talked to me and the matter was resolved. In a time when American car companies are struggling to keep their market share , that they would associate themselves with a company with so little regard for customers. I can only encourage American car companies to follow the lead of some imports and dump the pay to listen satelite radio companies and go HD
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Sirius Xm Radio Products and Services Reviews

Sirius Xm Radio in Chicago, Illinois - XM Radio charged me for online servce I didn' authorize

I ordered XM Radio 18 months ago. I recently noticed that XM radio was also charging me for XM online. I never ordered this service and did not authorize them to charge me for it. I paid for the radio quarterly, but they were charging monthly for the XM Online. I thought the monthly charge was for the radio until I saw both charges together on my credit card bill. They acknowledged their mistake, and paid me for 6 months of the overcharge, but will not pay me for the other 12 months. Beware! I wonder how many other people are giving XM Radio extra money by being charged for another service not ordered.
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