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I have been a loyal XM radio listener for years. Now, I am mad as *** and will do all that I can punish XM Radio for treating me this way. Here is my horror situation in a capsule.

Considering the new economic realities, my XM Satellite Radio yearly subscription was on the list of things to cancel. My renewal date was 12/06/2010 - Fees of approximately $160 are collected in advance/charged to your credit card. On 10/04/2010 I called XM at 877-967-4672 and talked to xxx, one of their representatives. Explained to him why I was calling and asked him to do two things for me. 1) To remove my credit card # from their database (had been set up for automatic updates); and, (2) to cancel my account immediately. I told him I did not plan to renew my subscription for the foreseeable future due to economic hardship. He was polite and complied with my requests. We ended the call by giving me confirmation # for the cancellation (which I still have in my records). As expected, early in December 2010 my XM Radio service became unavailable.

Surprisingly, on January 24, 2011, I received an email from XM Radio stating I had till February 2011 to take care of the balance in my account (fees for an additional year of subscription). I immediately called XM customer service again at 877-967-4672 and this time was connected to yyy. I explained the content of their email and the reason for my surprise. I gave her my cancellation confirmation number from the previous conversation in November 2010. She could not find the number. I explained that as far as I was concerned my account had been closed. If not, would she please close it now? yyy gave me confirmation # for the cancellation and our conversation ended. I was happy that the matter was finally taken care off.

Much to my surprise, on the evening of 01/28/2011, I got a call from XM radio (XYZ this time) wanting to know when I would take care of the balance in my account. I expressed my surprise and asked I could review the background with him. He said, did I mind if our conversation was recorded -- so that he could play it back for his managers - he suggested that the reason for my out of ordinary experience was that I had not gone through the right channels for the cancellation. I agreed and proceeded to review the background - albeit that I was getting very angry having to spend so much time with this simple request. XYZ said for me to stay on line while he had his manager listen to the recording of our conversation. Then the manager will come on the line to resolve the issue. Five to ten minutes later a women's voice came on to ask me if I was ready to settle my balance! Does anyone to know how to cancel an XM radio account? I am mad as *** and will do all that I can punish XM Radio for treating me this way.

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Southfield, Michigan, United States #1308551

Contact your credit card company. They can stop paying XM.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1206985

I am unsure what to do. Bought a new car that came with a free 3 month trial which I have never activated but I am now one month in and they are sending me emails as if I accepted an offer. Ideas anyone

Saint Augustine, Florida, United States #1187525

This is what happens every time you call,you get a rep real quick because the want your money lol your on the phone 50 min trying to cancel and them trying to give you deals,you can't cancel a vehicle out either my husband lost his truck and I wanted to cancel his out we were paying and still are 27$ a month for 2 cars with xm they told me that they would send me a car kit to but on a bike lol so now I'm still paying 27$ for 1 car,so ,I true to cancel today and was almost there until the big ......( Let me transfer you) and I knew he was going to do it .......HANG UP!,, every time . So what do you do ?


Report your credit card that you pay Sirius with as stolen.Payment ot them will stop.

Get a new card.Problem solved, there's more than one way to skin a *** business.


My advice when subscribing to anything is use PayPal, then it is very easy to go in and "unsubscribe" whenever you want through PayPal by no longer authorizing payment. SiriusXM is very pushy and hard to stop otherwise.


Just spent about 45 minutes on the phone to cancel my siriusxm service and I was getting nowhere.He was offering me the world but I realized that in 12 months I would be right back to where I am now.

The normal pricing is just WAY too expensive and I don't even really use it. Why then should I give in and take one of his offers? No matter how many times I said no, he kept on going. Then I got an idea.

I finally told I was at work and was out of time for this and that I was done and was ending the call. I told him that I had plenty of money and that if I wanted the service I had no problem being able to buy myself a new radio and pay for the service. I need no financial assistance so your offers have no value to me. I then told him that the credit card on file with Sirius was kept for the sole purpose of Sirius billing and that I was hanging up immediately and calling my credit card to cancel it.

I then told him that I believe that will resolve my issues.

Within about 60 seconds, I had my cancellation confirmation number.I then did call my credit card company and disputed any charges ahead of time just in case they pull some ***.

Naperville, Illinois, United States #971744

it took me 2 hours to cancel - the best way to get around these scam artists is to call them on the phone and asked to be turned on. get the cost and ask to send them a check - then they cant keep renewing you without your permission thats what i did and it worked

to mm Oshawa, Ontario, Canada #999165

English please!


I got a good one for y'all with them..first off, back in 2009, hubby bought a new ford truck.

he went ahead and got the lifetime subscription to it. Which no longer is offered. Well twice now, we've gotten notices that our trial for either 3 or 6 mths have been activated in 2 different cars. I had to call them both times to tell them we've never bought those cars.

Had the nerve to ask, was I sure!! this was both in the last year. After the 2nd one, I called and would not let up, until they promised that they would put something in the computer to alert them if there was ever another trial in his name. I stressed that we wouldn't be buying another vehicle anytime in the near future.

I now get notices on one of those cars stating that the warranty for parts has run out.. They couldn't tell me where the cars were purchased, yet we were getting the mailings for them.

And the Ford place was of no real help.So as one writer stated, the car dealerships, should be sure of what's going on and should take some blame in this.


I just was successful (I hope) in cancelling.I asked for the first customer rep to stay on-line until the customer retention rep picked up so that I did not get disconnected (I heard that happened a lot.) I refused to give them a reason as to why I was cancelling and told them I was not required to.

I just said I did not want it anymore. I felt if I gave them a reason it would give them more ammo to spin their spiel and try to worm their way back into my car. They still tried to make up a reason and I told them that this was exactly the reason why there are so many complaints on them-that they won't let us simply cancel. I also told them that I would be following up in writing concerning my cancellation to the New York address.

Ended up I got a cancellation confirmation number within about 5 minutes on the phone and they said I would be an email confirming in 5 days.

I had switched to invoice billing about a year ago and am I so glad they don't have a credit card number!Whew-I was dreading making that call for over 2 days!

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