Better than a prepaid Visa or MasterCard, is a Sirius XM Gift Card that you can get from Radio Shack or Best Buy. There are no surcharge or setup fees, and it works every time. You can easily get the 6 months for $24.99, but the trick is you must call before the time is up, or they'll try to charge you or send you a bill. Then, you re-negotiate the same 6 months for $24.99. They've always honored it without hassle. I'll reiterate....YOU MUST CALL BEFORE THE 6 months to get the good price. No codes or anything required. You just have to be courteous on the phone.

I disagree with not giving them your correct name and other information. In my opinion, not giving them the correct info serves no useful purpose, especially if you bought the car with the factory installed radio, because the Radio's ESN is registered to the car.

Your post was entertaining, but had some frivolous things in it, and I'm sure you meant well. Bottom line, this is what I do:

-Call before the time period is up and be courteous and nice, and you'll get the 6 months for $24.99 plan

-Pay with a Sirius XM Gift card from Radio Shack or Best Buy. No extra fees or surcharges on the card.

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