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I have been a Siruis customer for several years but due to their constantly rising costs have chosen to cancel. I tried to cancel only one radio and was given a quoted cost to keep the second radio active.

When I received the bill it was significantly higher than quoted. I called to complain and was promised the problem would be rectified. I received several more bills, all different, and all incorrect. I finally chose to cancel altogether, paid my fees and was promised I was DONE.

Now several months later I am being turned over to collections for fees I was never aware of and was promised would not happen. SIRIUS is a SIRIUS joke!!!

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Just got a bill from sirius XM for $635 for 3 years! Is that for real? I don't need to listen to the radio that bad.

to Stephen Jensen #1410787

Good luck trying to cancel it! There is no way to cancel‘ it in writing and they will deny you called to cancel.


They are still sticking it to the consumer. they canceled our service for non payment.

after numerous attempts to speak to someone in english and pointing out we were being charged automatically on our credit card, we were told it was an error and we were paid up until december of 2016. our radio was turned back on. NOW we get a monthly charge on our credit card PLUS an additional charge of $ 200 !!!

Crooks!!!! I will NEVER sign up for sirrius again.


Negotiated $121.25 for two radios. After repeating and verifying it was for both radios!!

I even called back later to talk to another person who verified very clearly this was for both. Billed on credit card twice for $121.25. Called to cancel and got refund. They gave me a month free.

Will NEVER use it or recommend ever! I have witnesses!!!

Liars!!! I would hate to have to work for them and lie as part of my job.


Similar problems: Called to cancel my non renewing subscription. After 30 minutes of transfers and waits they connected me to a non English speaking person who kept saying he could not understand me.

I finally got it through to him that I wanted to cancel. He offered to reduce my subscription fee from 186.99 to 89.00 per year. I said I might be interested in that. He then said he would need my credit card and informed me I would be charged 107.99.

I said you just said it was 89.00 and was told that did not include fees and etc. I told him to cancel. He said he would and told me I had a balance of 9.95 that needed to be paid. I told him no way because I was not on auto renew.

He said everyone is on auto renew regardless and the 9.95 was for if I ever wanted to start up my subscription again. I told him I would not pay it because my subscription was not do to run out until tomorrow.

He finally said he would refund the fee. These guys are dishonest jerks who deserve to go out of business.


Canceled my service on 11/14-they charged my account in 11/22. They said it would take 5-10 days to refund. What bs


Worst experience ever !

Sirius XM billing department has the worst service I have ever dealt with and will never talk to them again.

I paid for 3 months subscription as a 1 time thing. After the subscription ran out I decided to not renew but they charged my card again. After multiple phone calls, each time they say its now canceled and straightened out yet each month another charge appears.

I called in and asked for a supervisor/manager ... and the rep actually asks me why. I told him that the reps answering the phone cant seem to get it through their head that I dont want the service.

The supervisor tells me, "Its policy to automatically renew and bill people each month.".. Now annoyed, I told him Ive had to call in a few times to cancel and any authorization was clearly revoked prior and any new charges will be reported to my bank as fraud. He tries telling me its not fraud because its "policy" to do it. I guess a company policy makes fraud legal?

After that call I decided to make sure their cut off for good and changed my credit card number.

It doesnt end there !

Next month I get a phone call from a rep asking for a valid credit card number as I'm supposedly 30 days late on last months payment! Again I tell them Ive canceled a few times and my numbers been changed because of them and im not paying for this 'late payment' cause I never asked for it.

Next Im getting repeat phone calls multiple times a day from reps asking for a new credit card number. I blocked their number after a few calls, but my phone still shows ignored phones calls.. 3 to 6 each day.

A month later I get letters in the snail mail and email saying its gone to collections.

The Final Straw..

I sent a reply saying Im reporting them to my bank for fraud...and I did.

...Havent heard from them again.

Glens Falls, New York, United States #655152

I paid my bill with my credit card (Don’t Mail it) my Visa card Co. called me a couple of days later asking if I made some charges.

I said no last one was to Sirius on 5-13 so I called Sirius customer service I couldn’t get thought they thick heads that my information was leaked from them! So I asked for someone in the USA to talk to they said there is no way to know who or where will receive the call. Called back six times still reaching out of the county. I received a email later that last night thanking me for my New upgrade in service and advising me that I need to paid $108.81 now!

I think I will just cancel these people are just really lacking in intelligence. *** !


I cancelled my 3 month new car subscription,knowing about these crooks I called 3 times to do it and got the OK ..2 weeks later they charge my credit card and it took me 3 phone calls to finally make them realize that I wasn't going to pay them.The BBB rates them A+ and in spite of thousands of complaints a year they do business as usual.I think the reason is that they are based in New York and the owners belong to a certain ethnic group that in this country they get away with murder.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #629346

I was on hold with Sirius customer service over 4 days for a total time of over 14 hours and was still unable to cancel.I have filed a compalint with Better Business Bureau of Ontario,and told in my last call to Sirius customer service that I would start legal action against that company if I got any subsequent bills for a service I truly do not want.I have changed my credit card info to stop any future billing...................."You reading this Sirius ??? "


Had 4 radios with them and now down to one. They tried to double bill one, cancelled another after I renewed ect.

ect. They call my cell every day with a recorded message, and when you stay on the line to talk with someone about the account they cancelled, their english is so bad, it's impossible to deal with. Maybe Liberty Media will be able to do something with them, once they get a majority of ownership. These guys, are for now, the biggest joke in business.

And Sirius, please don't comment on this post with something like " Sorry for your problems, please contact us at .....).

I've tried this, and it doesn't work. All your doing is responding to all the complaints, but your not actually doing anything about them.


I just wanted to make known what an unpleasant experience canceling with Sirius was. I was a customer for a year, payed everything up front and then due to lack of use wanted to cancel.

I had to tell the customer service rep 5 TIMES that I wanted to cancel and raise my voice to them before they finally said ok and slopped offering me deals. Furthermore, why would it take me canceling to be be offered better deals?


I purchased an brand new 07 HHR.THE XM was already installed in my vehicle.I never use xm because i am not inside my vehicle alot of the time.These people keep sending me mail to activate XM in my vehilce.PLEASE stop with the mail,I do not want XM EVER.


Customer service is a joke, auto bill is a scam, not even happy with programming.


Art Ashworth,

We would like the opportunity to review your account with you to get a better understanding on why you weren't issued a refund. Send us an email with your contact info to sxm_help@siriusxm.com and we'll be happy to discuss your situation.


SiriusXM Digital Care Team


Joe -

We apologize for the experience that you had with us. If there is anything we can do to help, feel free to send us an email with your contact info to sxm_help@siriusxm.com and we'll be happy to assist.


SiriusXM Digital Care Team


I had XM in a new car I bought and decided to buy an Onyx XM radio for my pickup. The salesman on the phone stated I could use the enclosed 50 dollar card for either radio.

Once I tried the Onyx I did not want to use the credit toward the Onyx but to my first radio which worked quite well. I called them and got passed around in circles and finally decided to just cancel all accounts. I just got an email that says I have to call them to cancel my accounts or I will recur cost.

I guess I will contact the BBB if they are that belligerent. I'm out 70 dollars for the Onyx and they ruined our relationship in one phonecall.


I had Sirius awhile back and had an issue when I traded in my old car for a car that had XM, this was around the same time they were merging. I was told I could not transfer my account to an XM account.

So I cancelled my Sirius account and they sent my remaining amount I paid for the year to some other account that I did not own.

After calling back and trying to figure where my money went to I was transferred to all different people and they all said I was repaid, which I wasn't and I had proof that they sent the money to a someone else's bank account. After constant calling and complaining nothing was resolved and I gave up and constantly tell people looking to purchase Sirius not to because of the issues I had and others


JHardy -

Sorry to see you go. If there is anything we can help you with, please let us know.


SiriusXM Digital Care Team


Phil -

Sorry to hear about your billing experience. If you cancelled with us and our representative had confirmed that, you shouldn't have been charged. Let us know if your issue is pending by sending us an email with your contact info to sxm_help@siriusxm.com and we'll be happy to help.


SiriusXM Digital Care Team

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