I called today 12-Jun-12 to remove auto-renewal from account. I got the transfered several times, waited 20 minutes between transfers, repeate my account information several times. Final I was transferred to "Cancellation" department, the person in this department tried to extend my subscription at a promotional rate. I was so mad at this point that I cancelled my service. I even tried logging in and removing auto-renewal from my account through Internet using "Account Management" feature, but of course their is no option to remove auto-renewal, I have to call 1-800 number.

What should have been a simple self-service excercise to removew auto-renewal turned into a lost customer for Sirius-XM.

Beware of Sirus-XM auto-renewal policy.

Review about: Sirius Xm Radio Subscription.

Monetary Loss: $10.


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This company is crooked


There are a number of companies that bill fraudulently.

Sometimes the best method is to contact your credit card company and get a new card number.


Isn't that hard.Go to their website, click on chat, and ask them to remove your credit card information.

they will inform you that there is a $2.00 admin fee.

Ask them to wave the fee, and they will gladly (silly, I know).


After getting in trouble for automatic renewal, they keep doing it.Jacking prices and hitting cards.

I specifically checked "do not renew", but that didn't matter.

Then they purposefully make cancellation into a totally impossible task.Seems criminal.


Agreed.I called to find out about turning off this feature when my free trial ended.

I was going to renew for the year but they also lost a customer.

I don't do autorenewal.Ever.

Los Angeles, California, United States #702962

They are total scumbags.The stations are not good so I use Pandora and Spotify in my car.

They began callling me to renew 1-2 months prior to my subscription expiring and they said it would be $217 to renew. I told them I did not want to renew because I no longer used the service. They transferred me to their cancelation department. They offered me the subscription for about $110.

I still told them I wanted to cancel. They called a few more times and tried to get me to renew but I repeated that I was canceling. Now, three months later I just got a notice from a collection agency because Sirius automatically renewed the account, then canceled it for non-payment and then sent it to a collection agency. How's that for unethical practices?

I will never do business with Sirius XM again. If you feel you absolutely have to renew your service, ask to talk to the cancellation department and get it for half price.

Better yet, use Pandora or Spotify.The music selection is way better.


I just had an incredibly truthful and gracious experience in cancelling Sirius. I hope to have it again in the future.

to reverenddoctor Angus Detroit, Michigan, United States #973456

astroturf like a boss!


How about if you pay by MONEY ORDER [which is allowed] how do they get auto renewal then..I can CANCEL ANYTIME I choose not them.

I am not going to be contingent on an auto repayment agreement especially with HD RADIO, IPOD, IPHONE options ..

they are no longer the only option for listening in my auto..

to DCMAXX Orlando, Florida, United States #690979

They will still auto renew, send a bill and send you to collections. They will not let you opt out of auto renew.

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