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We owned a vehicle for several years that had SIRIUS Satellite Radio.We traded the vehicle in April 2009.

We were paid up until November, so I let the service continue because I listened on the internet. SIRIUS kept sending me invitations to renew for a super deal etc. But I declined. When I failed to be able to access the system, I assumed the service had ended and that was fine.

Then, much to my surprise, in February, I get an invoice for $36.90. When I call, they "explain" to me that they AUTOMATICALLY RENEWED my subscription as a "service" to me!!!! What???? I questioned the supervisor, John M., about the legality of this and he indicated that the billing practice had been tested in court and it is legal.

I can't believe they can renew me without my consent! Then when I went online to cancel it, I discovered that I could do everything else to the account but cancel it! Surprise! The ONLY way that can be done is by a phone call.

So, I called again. This time they informed me that the account had actually already been sent to a collection agency on Feb. 18th. So, when I call the collection company, they say the account hasn't hit their books yet.

I casually ask the person from NCO Collecting Agency, "Do you get a lot of complaints about SIRIUS Radio?" The lady laughs and says, "Oh, don't get me started!" Obviously, they also know this is a MAJOR scam.

If this practice isn't illegal, it certainly should be; because it is clearly immoral!It is companies like SIRIUS that give all business people a bad name!

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I purchased a new vehicle that came with a one year subscription for Sirius Radio.I have no need for such a service.

A bunch of worthless stations (much like cable TV) to blow your hard earned cash on.

Anyway, my subscription expired last month and everyday I get calls from these morons at Sirius wanting me to renew my subscription.They don't know what "NO I don't want to renew my subscription" means when I tell them this over and over.


My question...did any of you pay the collection agency?I just got a letter from Collections today because of Sirius Scumbags.

I figured once the subscription runs out, they turn the service off.I let my newspaper & magazine subscription run out & they never billed me for an extra month that they kindly "gave" me.


So everyone knows they are still up to their own stunts.I paid for 1 year, didn't think it was worth it to renew, so I let it expire.

Or so I thought.

28 buck bill sent to collections.It's so sad, one of the coolest products run by the worst company I've ever had to deal with!


same here - i returned a leased vehicle so i told them to not renew - which they did -- as precaution i cancel and changed my credit card info so they wont try anything ...also my cell has autoreject feature ...

these people are unbelievable, i check my cell log and there it is - their # multiple times ...SIRIUS-LY they are scumbags!



We just sold our car and cancelled Sirius, they just billed our credit card for over $600! We can not get thru on their phone line, we waited almost an hour! Calling our lawyer and credit card company.


Sirus keeps on billing you even after you cancel service and when you refuse to pay there over charges they send you to there in house collection agency. They are in trouble and are scaming there customers to survive! Buyer beware


I liked the Sirius radio but I let it expire.I called and had it put back on they charged me 177.79.

2 days later I got a special in the mail for $77. I called and was told would get a credit of 100.79 in 7-10 days. I called again after 14 days and was told because of the time I would only get a credit for $68 in 10 days. Now I am still waiting too much trouble trying to get hold of them.I will waiting awhile longer and then cancel the card so I never have to deal with them again.

Wish I had researched them before I signed up.Good product but company is ***.


they will keep charging your credit card indefinetly,if you let them.when my year is up i am done with this automatic billing rippoff company.


My boyfriend loves surius satellite.Why pay for extra junk!

I'm good with using cds or listening to the local radio.Yes, I do believe they are a scam.

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