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Purchased a truck that had temporary promotional sirius station we did not open account did not want service this was over a year ago. Looked at my bank statement a week ago and discovered a charge taken out of my account i called Sirius who said my card had been used on someone's account they gave me the name and address which is not in my town i cancelled my debit card and called police in that town who went to address and spoke to people who in turn called Sirius the numbers on card were transposed by sirius or the sirius account owner and charged my bank instead.

Knowing all this and that it was sirius negligence they will not reimburse my account they tell me their fraud dept will call a week later no call now they say in their notes they need my bank state and all documentation from police and bank from me the victim! The owner of the account also paid with a correct card so sirius has been paid twice one illegally taken from my bank account but they still refuse to make good on their mistake and they are the ones that admitted the error.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sirius Xm Radio Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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