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let's see 70s on 7, 60s on six, 50s on five, pitbull on four? what are they thinking?

No more escape?

what terrible moves. I will not renew.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Yes, totally outrageous Sirius cancelling Ch69 Escape with NO INPUT from consumers, no notice ahead of time, NO competition. I have written the Pres of the Co.

(I know, joke, joke) and the FCC very seriously. OK, this nutty site demands at least 50 words... thats a new one!

Dear President:

I am writing to protest in most emphatic terms the poor decision your people have made to get rid of Escape Channel 69.

Escape is THE PRIMARY reason that we have 3 cars using your service.

First, we get no notice. The only way I find out, accidentally, that Escape is being terminated is a 24hr advance verbal on the Escape channel. “Escape no longer exists as of tomorrow.”

Second, the last time you trashed the channel by having dear Barbara Streisand in there for a month or more I said this: “Channel 69 [Escape] is the MAIN REASON we even have Sirius/XM radio in the cars.

“Normal” Escape programming/content is wonderful for travel and most days and literally justifies the purchase of the service.”

Thirdly, there is feeble fine print “justification” in one of your email responses describing difficulty in buying many of the tunes used on Escape. Part of the feeble excuse mentions that “the same Escape programming will continue to be available via Sirius XM OnLine and the Sirius XM App” which proves the first part of the “justification” was false ! Utter bull and you know it. Clearly it COULD be on Satellite where it belongs.

On-line and smart phone apps are NOT acceptable alternates for us. Any tunes no longer available for purchase can be replaced with similar music. For a long time you have needed to improve Escape by being less obsessed with instrumentals and using more of the popular versions of the same tunes that happen to include voice. You should also eliminate the 5% or so of Escape selections that amount to obscure lullabies.

The point is you should REFINE not ABOLISH the Escape channel !!! I will watch for the Escape replacement which I fear will be garbage. Actually I will BET on the replacement being garbage. If it is what I expect, you will find 3 subscriptions permanently terminated.

You will also find it shouted from the housetops on public sites and media. I have called Listener Care at 1-800-967-2346. I hope they will share the recording of my comments with you.

In fact, I suggest you ask for a recording of my comments as a sample of customer reaction.

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