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XM Radio cust service is BS! I called to cancel my account(in an effort to lower my bills) and was offered a deal for 5 mon. @ $23. Sounds good... I was also informed that I had been charged for 2 radios for the past year, I ONLY HAVE ONE ACTIVE RADIO. So the rep said were going to open a report to have my account credited for the money they have been theiving from me. Cool.

But then 2 days later, I get a $94 charge on my bank acct. I call to find out what the heck is going on here? They tell me that I was fined $75 for closing the INACTIVE acct!!! The rep that I had spoken to the first time said nothing of the sort; the radio had never been programed to receive a signal. He said that I was even supposed to receive somewhat of a credit and it would end up being less than the $23.

After a lengthy conversation with a couple of boneheads and being placed on hold FOREVER... I find out they will not be giving me MY money back. I will never do buisness with those CROOKS again!!! I will be disbuting the charges with my bank.

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There is not an early termination fee for canceling the service. However, some radios have a contract with them when you purchase, stating that you'll keep it active for at least a year, otherwise there will be a $75 dollar penalty

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