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I called and cancelled 3 accoounts for Sirius Radio over a year ago. 2 vehicles and one home.

Turns out they instead put on hold and recently sent a note in November that they could not access my card for paynment for a service that was not in place. after calling in November to assure them I had cancelled the radios much earlier they said ok and would take care of the sitution.

Just got another note this morning and when I called they told me it was on hold and I needed to pay $60 to close out the account or I would be dunned and lose my credit rating. I had to pay to hopefully finally get away from their scam to squeeze out all they can from their customers.

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And how exactly could they affect your credit rating? Did they do a credit check before you got service?

Did they give you any form of credit during your service. They were just blowing smoke and you fell for it.

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