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Why are consumers forced to listen to the same five commercials all day long? We pay a very hefty price to have Serius so I don’t expect to have to listen to commercials. I realize the live news shows I listen to will have breaks but I would much rather listen to the regional commercials from the network than suffer through another Madison Reed commercial!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sirius Xm Radio Radio Service.

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Absolutely positively correct on this one. The ads are TERRIBLE on Sirius XM.

I am going to cancel. I spend most of my time turning the radio on and off just to avoid hearing the same banal ads over and over and over...


Sirius never had commercials, like cable TV never had commercials. More and more every month.

Sirius supposed to be like Netflix- no commercials. Play a tune between live breaks- NO MORE COMMERCIALS.

Guess once we start dropping like flies in a fire maybe Sirius XM will change their tune. Hating this more with every commercial


I agree. I get in my car, commercials.

Drive to work, commercials.

Drive during lunch, all commercials. It's getting to be just like terrestrial radio.


I agree-they play way too many commercials and the DJ's like Mark McGrath on 90's on 9 or Downtown Julie Brown talk way too much. I am paying to hear music, not endless talk and nonsense.

The 60's on 6 has way too much talk too.

This has gotten worse in recent years and I think something needs to be done about it. Please listen to the subscribers and do something about the chatter on your channels.

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