Since January I noticed that there is a lot more talking on the music channels, such as 59, 26, 27, etc. The announcers are constantly promoting other channels and trying to sell the other services such as internet radio, and to purchase radios.

This is constant - all the time. You may not call these commercials, but they sure sound like they are. I have a radio, which I'm sure everyone who has Sirius XM has, that tells you the song and the channel that you're listening too. We don't need to be constantly reminded of that.

When I first got Sirius XM, about 5 years ago, the music channels played music with very little chatter, if any, and the occasional station identification. Now, it's all the time. Please stop doing this, because it's no better than commercial radio. I live in the Houston area, and the reason I got Sirius is to stop hearing all this talk.

I want to hear music on the music channels.

If I want to listen to talk stations, I listen to them and expect music, and on some of the re-broadcast channels, such as the news channels, I hear advertising also. Hopefully thinks change before December, which is my renewal time, because I will seriously consider cancelling the service if this continues...

Product or Service Mentioned: Sirius Xm Radio Radio Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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It has gotten so bad, I’m canceling, Pandora has more currr t music and is $5 a month without commercials and no taking


I'm going to cancel after 6 years cause of all the stupid rambling on about *** I could care less about. Shut the fu-- up and play music. Why pay for this when we can just listen to radio and hear the same crap.


I couldn’t agree more. I just called and cancelled after years of Sirius radio.

The guy offered me every possible deal and kept saying, “ No commercials!” to which I replied, “But lots of talking, sometimes over the beginnings of songs.” The final straw was a 7 hour car trip last weekend where I spent more time switching channels than actually listening to music. I’d rather plug in my iPod, thanks.


Totally agree! The inane babbling is ridiculous and out of control.


Sirius XM actually has 30+ channels of music with no DJs or any other talking. Just look for them.

I actually like hearing the DJs on 80s on 8 and First Wave. They keep their talk sets to 30 seconds or less and usually have interesting or informative things to say. It makes me feel like a real person is curating the music, not just a computer program randomly selecting songs. If that's what you want, get a subscription to Spotify or Pandora.I don't ever remember Sirius XM promising "no talk".

Don't get all pissy because that's what you expect - because your expectations were wrong. If I expect to take a dump on a solid gold toilet at Burger King, do I get to whine because it's just plain porcelain?


Too much talk on the Highway XM. Especially in the mornings.

Why I pay for XM is to not hear talking. I would like to hear music. And Fridays afternoons should be good music for the ride home, and out of town. Not drunk bachelorettes and talking.

I am using my Amazon music more and more.

When my contract is up. I’m done.


It's all they do in the country channel the highway now! Tired of listening the storme warren suck up to all the artists!

Give him his own talk station with the other DJs and play the music we PAY for! Almost time to go back to good old fm!




I agree and just sent emails to a couple individual stations expressing my displeasure. They did not build their fan base by playing all this talk radio crap and I didn’t subscribe for it.


I agree. Way too much talking. It's getting tiresome.


I agree. The reason I have Sirius is the music.

I am very close to cancelling and listening to FM again. Why pay to listen to hear the same amount of music?

Carlsbad, California, United States #1347679

I feel the same way. I can't even find a working phone number for them!

Demotte, Indiana, United States #1330427

I'm not going to keep PAYING for music if I have to listen to the people playing the music keep talking so much. There is a REASON I PAY FOR IT I am sick of listing to so much talking I can hear it for free on regular radio.

If it does not change I will not pay for it anymore. I am sure others feel the same.

Wake up and get the point. We pay for music not talk.


Please Stop the D.J.'s Talking. Please start a clean (no comments) music channel and a separate channel with many D.J.'s comments.....

Anderson, Indiana, United States #1194278

Talking saves money, less to pay for songs. Talk talk.....#xmstoptalking

to Anonymous #1366342

So what! I would gladly pay more if the talking after every song stops!


Yea, the worst of the worst is Dusty Street on 26 Classic Vinyl!! She clearly LOVES to hear herself drone on and on!

And it is mostly nothing vapid, insipid blather about some trivia BS from her past or some completely uninteresting nonsense from the R&R hall of fame. It seems like she is blabbering on between almost ever two songs!

Good lawd get rid of this self-absorbed granny Dusty Street!! Tired (of Dusty Street) in Texas!


I agree 100% to the point that I will be canceling my subscription and going to Pandora which a lot cheaper. And no commercials. 5/6/2016


Should be called talk radio.

Orlando, Florida, United States #1148990

I'm in agreement. I don't pay for satellite radio to hear a dj talking all the time. I'm not renewing its gotten terrible in the last few years.

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