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I have been a Sirius XM subscriber for about 3 years, which started when I bought a new car and had it for 3 months free. After the three months ended, I let it expire. Then, about 3 months later, I received a letter in the mail with an offer of 6 months for $25.00, plus fees and state tax. This came to $30.01 for 6 months. In the user agreement, in bold letters, it stated that it would automatically renew at the "current rate" unless I called to cancel. Then, I at a different area of their website, and saw that you can pay with a gift card, which is available at Best Buy or Radio Shack. I went and bought a $30.00 gift card, then I removed my credit card from the account. I then called Sirius XM about one month prior to the expiration of the six month plan, and told them I wanted to renew at the "$25.00 for six months rate". They asked me what channels I listened to. I told them I listen to the XM Select package, because they were trying to sell me the lower music-only plan. I was insistent (and I talked pleasantly) on the $25.00 plan, and they switched me to another operator, who obliged and gave me that rate, AND at that time I was asked for a credit card. I told them, "No, I want to use a gift card..." and the operator told me to enter it into the computer, which I did. No problems, I got the six month rate for $25.00. At that time, they also said that it will renew at the higher rate UNLESS YOU CALL TO CANCEL.

What I did was call to get the same rate, and I was insistent. It works EVERY TIME. I've done this 5 times already using the same scenario I just wrote about. Those who have written and said that Sirius XM billed them at the higher rate without notification are wrong. This is because when you sign up, it says, in very bold lettering, that it will renew at the current higher rate unless you call the toll free number and cancel.

Total time on the phone: 10 minutes. It's not the best business plan, but it works. I put the expiration date on my phone, with one month notification to remind me.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

I liked: Radio service.

I didn't like: Cumbersome billing.

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