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a year and a half ago i got serius/ xm radio from radio suck [shack]. i had got the onyx and it burnt out under warranty so's i called up serius and got a replacement at no charge, so far so good now fast forward 5 months and radio number two fries out.

i only use the radio for about 3 hours a week and the music stations are really repetitive [just like non satellite radio] if you are into music i do not recommend satellite radio, you can hear a majority of the same bands on your car radio for free. well anyhoo i calls up serius and tells em i needs a new radio thinking the replacement radio was under warranty...silly me what the *** was i thinking ? they told me i was sol and jwf[ *** outta luck and jolly well ***- carlin line] i still had 6 months on my pre paid subscription otherwise i would have just cancelled which i will do next january. anyway after 5 phone calls and 7.5 hours on the phone with these asian-indian *** suckers i finally got the issue resolved.

during that time i was lied to and hung up on several times- i was told i was going to recieve a free radio , then was told i had to purchase another one....which i did but the purchase price was applied to future non monetory credits, meaning i will not be billed for service until january of 14 which i will cancel.

they have a major lack of communication , every time i was transferred to a ''supervisor'' i had to give all my info to them, just a horrible experience....and while i am here why the *** is india the customer service capitol of the universe and worse yet these dot headed *** stains think if they call them selves ''bob,judy,steve etc etc'' all english names we will not realize they are asian indians. do not insult our intelligence you plague infected leprocy carrying morons no native of india is named peggy, sue or dave....end rant

Review about: Sirius Xm Radio Subscription.

Monetary Loss: $79.

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