I have 2 satellite radio subscriptions, 1 in the house (called "livingroom") and 1 in the car (called "Volkswagon"). I tried to consolidate them right after Sirius and XM merged - they couldn't do that. A couple of months ago, the receiver in my house died. I called XM to see if they had receivers.

XM: Good news, we're currently running a promotion and you qualify for a free one under your current plan.

Me: Super, send that to me, won't you?

XM: Yes, that'll be $29(ish).

Me: Um... what happened to free?

XM: Subscription fee and taxes.

Me: OK, but, I already have a subscription, I just need the receiver.

XM: OK, we will send it to you, charge you the $29 and then when it gets there, you call us and we will *** the charge.

Me: (Dubiously) Uh, ok - hey, while we're at it, can we combine my house and car accounts so I only get one bill?

XM: Sure, no problem, it's taken care of.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, new receiver arrives, I unbox, see the car parts, but no house parts. I call XM, I tell my story so far, I ask for a power supply for the house. XM asks for my account info, I give it.

XM: This is for the Volkswagon?

Me: No, the one you have marked "livingroom".

XM: oh, I see that account.

Me: Is it still separate? They were supposed to have consolidated it.

XM: They didn't, but I can - oh, I should wait until you get your new receiver. Can you call us back when you get the new one?

Me: I got the new one. It's here. Can you send me a powercord for it? It only came with a USB powercord.

XM: Oh, that's a car receiver, you will have to send that one back to us. As soon as you see the $29 credit post to your credit card, call us and we will send you a house receiver and we will consolidate your accounts at that time. I will make notes regarding all of this on your account, there should be no more trouble.

Me: (sigh) ok, I'll send it back right away.

A couple of weeks later, I see a credit on my card, I call XM. I talk to customer service, they pull up the account, I tell them the story so far, they are at a loss, I ask to speak to a supervisor.

XM: Hmmm... Let's see what we can do. We're going to have to cancel your current "livingroom" subscription and get you a new one. That'll be $X (I can't remember because I was busy freaking out).

Me: No, that will NOT be $X. I was to have gotten this free. There is a promotion or something?

XM: That promotion was over last week.

Me: And this all started way before last week, who do I need to speak with to get that promotion extended due to the fact that you guys sent me a car receiver rather than a house receiver while the promotion was still going on? (voice may be getting a tad irritated now)

XM: Oh, I see that. OK - well the only house receiver we have right now is a refurbished one. Sometimes those come back because they owner gets a different one or doesn't like the looks of it or whatever.

Me: I imagine that mostly they come back because they're BROKEN. What are my options?

XM: We can send you out the refurb - for free, or you can go buy one and call us when you're ready to activate it.

Me: OK, so if I'm eventually going to land at going out and buying one and calling you to active it, then I might as well have you send me the freebie and I'll give it a shot first.

XM: OK, we'll send it right away. Call us when it gets there and we'll activate it for you. I'll make notes here on your account so there shouldn't be any trouble when you call in.

Me: Fab. Thank you.

A couple of weeks go by, box shows up - it's a house receiver. I plug it in, it comes on - we're off to a good start here. I call XM to activate it.

XM: Can I please have the code on the receiver?

Me: (gives code)

XM: What is the name on the account?

Me: (Gives info)

XM: This radio is registered to someone else.

Me: You sent it to me, what are you going to do about this? (Fully expecting to be asked to re-box it and sent it back)

XM: We only have one account under your name - "Volkswagon" is this supposed to be for that account?

Me: No, this is a replacement for the car receiver that was to replace the broken receiver IN MY HOUSE. Do you need me to give you some time to read through what must be EXTENSIVE notes on my account?

XM: I don't see any notes here, but I can take care of this for you.

Me: (doubting they could "take care" of their way out of a paper bag at this point). Tells story from the top.

XM: We will need to set up a new subscription, there will be a one time $15 activation fee to do that.

Me: Uh, really? I think you can waive that $15 fee considering everything I've just told you.

XM: Let me get a supervisor to do that.

Me: Thanks.

XM: OK, your 3 month subscription will cost $x. Is the credit card we have on file correct? (yes) Do you authorize us to make this charge? (yes) Are you at least 18 years old? (I'm feeling about 818 - but, yes). OK, I'll go make this charge and be right back on the line with you, please hold.

Oh yeah - you guessed it - DISCONNECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!

I call back, tell the person I got disconnected.

XM: Can you tell me what this is regarding? (I tell my story) I only deal with car radios, I'll have to transfer you to customer care.

XM: Customer care, can I help you?

Me: I was just talking to someone and got disconnected.

XM: what is your account number

Me: Gives info

XM: I don't see that account here

Me: Near tears, give abbreviated version of the story up til now.

XM: OK, I can take care of that for you, we will have to issue you a new subscription.

Me: Someone JUST did that. We got all the way to the part where she was charging my credit card.

XM: That charge didn't go through, we'll have to start again.

Me: OK, then let's start again.

We do. The radio is currently activating itself. I'm about to go view my credit card account online to see how many times XM charged me today. It's hard to imagine that this kind of disorganization and incompetence is STILL preferable to commercials on traditional radio, but sadly, it is. You are forewarned - you'll need patience to go down the satellite radio road...

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #686725

We have had our own problems with this company. They called when the trial sub ran out on our new car and offered a one year sub for $96.75, agreeing to waive their $2.00 "invoice" fee and with no auto renewal.

The bill they sent was for $98.75 which included the $2.00 fee. They have no easy way to talk to a real person and I refuse to take my time to wade thru their *** menu talking to a machine. Thus, they have cancelled the service as I refuse to pay an erroneous bill and now send a bill for $15.+ which, I assume is for the one month the service was operational. I assume they are charging their $14.99 per month fee.

All in all, a very arrogant and terrible company when it comes to customer service. Their rep lied to me, saying the $2.00 fee would be waived.

Bottom line with Sirius/XM---do not give them your credit card info.

They put you on auto renewal and you have no recourse if(as in my case)something goes wrong. Luckily, I had them send a bill and did not give my card info.

to nikalseyn #696763

I agree Sirius customer service is awful and as mentioned above donot give them your CC number, you tell them to not put you on auto-renew and it's like you started speaking piglatin.

They took a payment from me for a bill and was put on auto renew and the next two days my account was hit with a months charge.

It's a very terrible company. I wish there was another service I could change to. I would change in a heartbeat.

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