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I have spent over two hours on the phone with Sirius both with an offshore agent (German in Honduras), then with his supervisor Ellen (ID 2313AD). I finally insisted on being transferred to someone in the United States and rather than doing that they told me to kiss off (not their words) and send a letter to "customer service. Checking the address on Google I proceeded to call the New York office and try to get a bit of satisfaction.... NOT. There I spoke with agent Bonnie (ID 17317C). Sadly no agents have last names, though I explained since they had my last name, they should share theirs with me.

Speaking again to the highest level person that they would connect me to I explained my problem.

Since October (for 3 months), in addition to legitimate charges to my credit card (there was only one), I had been charged on three occasions for charges which were not mine. On investigation, they determined that my credit card was also assigned to a second person (Reynaldo Trevino), whom I had never heard of. They were able to confirm for me that the address on his account is different from mine and there was no suggestion that I had permitted the charge. After getting to the bottom of the problem, I suggested that perhaps they should confirm credit card information by either/and checking for zip codes (his is different than mine) or asking for security code. They explained that was not their policy. All of the supervisors (once I reached them) agreed that the charges were inappropriate and that it was probably their error listing my card on his account. I should say that there were no other inappropriate charges on my card.

After agreeing with the total situation, I simply asked them to credit back the charges which were made to my card and to remove the card from his record. They agreed to do the latter, but told me that to refund the charges that I would have to submit a formal request by mail or fax including three months of credit card statements in order for them to reverse the charges. I explained that this should not be necessary, since they have identified the problem and seen that it was their error.

In any case the final phone call ended with a "have a nice day" and "thank you for calling Sirius." Total dissatisfaction. Like the product but hate the billing and customer service aspect. Finally I called my credit card company and asked to have the charges removed which they did immediately.... Thank you Chase..... Boo- Sirius

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Horrible customer service.

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